Kia Sedona: Winner of Ultimate MiniVan Challenge

The Verdict: "Our feature-packed Sedona is a champion of quality and refinement," Mays said, "though it gives up a lot of utility to get there."

The Look (Seriously!): Minivans have been considered dowdy for a long time, but "Kia has done the improbable with the Sedona," Geiger noted. "It brings the style with a bold, studded grille and brawny sculpted face. You will almost look cool driving this minivan." "It's clearly the best-looking van here," Robinson added.

The Ride: "A strong drivetrain and quiet interior make the Sedona a capable road-tripper," Mays said. "If you're looking for peace and quiet, the Sedona is your best bet in this group," Newman said. "There's minimal engine and wind noise, though some road noise creeps in." "The steering feels great," Andrew Thueme said. "There's not slop. There's a little bit of feedback coming up from the road, but it's not constant."

Cool Features: "The multiangle Surround View Monitor backup camera is outstanding and immensely helpful navigating a variety of parking situations," Geiger said. "This is the only minivan of the bunch to have standard heated and cooled front seats," Newman said, "and this minivan has all the tech that families will want." And "although there may not be as much storage in the seating and cargo areas, up front there are plenty of well-thought-out nooks and crannies for stashing small items," Robinson said.

Second-Row Seats: "Kia's optional second-row lounge chairs are magnificent," Mays said. "Passengers will call shotgun to sit there, not up front."

What They Don't

Second-Row Seats: "They're confounding," Geiger said. "I appreciate that they do a lot of things: They slide, recline, move sideways to enlarge the second-row walkway. But there's a dizzying array of buttons on them and not all of the graphics are easy to understand." "The lounge seats in this SXL trim level are not removable, don't slide very far forward and take up too much space. It kind of takes the practicality out of it for me," Robinson said.

Tech Quirk: "The rear entertainment system sits low in the Sedona," Newman said. "It folds out from the back of the front row's center console and could be difficult for third-row passengers to see."

Lack of Storage Space: Is "what really knocks it down," Andrea Thueme said. "You can't have your cake and eat it too," Mays said. "The carlike interior loses the plethora of storage cubbies found in the other minivans."

The (Loaded) Ride: With four adults "the Sedona's pristine ride quality seems to deteriorate the most among its competitors," Mays said. "Once loaded, it's nearly as firm as the Odyssey."